Saturday, 8 September 2012

NEWS : Chino and Yendi soon to tie the knot

While awaiting for her bundle of joy to arrive at the end of the month, it seems as though Jamaican beauty queen Yendi Phillipps has another reason to celebrate.

Phillipps got tongues wagging when she was on the popular morning show, 'Smile Jamaica', rocking 'some bling' on her wedding finger.

Viewers took to social media websites to speculate if her beau, Daniel 'Chino' McGregor, had finally popped the question.

The finger was bare up to last week, but yesterday a new sparkler appeared on her hand.

The appearance of the ring has become a conversation piece on websites with one person commenting: "Look how she a flip up di finga Dwl."

Not one to hold back on her thoughts, the charismatic beauty queen, in a media interview earlier this year, stated that she did not believe that someone has to have a wedding in order to experience marriage.

She indicated that the bond between herself and Chino was already strong and that they were already living in a blissful union.

During the summer, Chino had also released a song said to be dedicated to Yendi, the 2010 Miss Jamaica Universe winner. The song entitled Miss Universe was featured on Stephen McGregor's Bassline rhythm.

The song came months after news broke in April that the beauty queen was pregnant with Chino's child.

The two later posted a video on confirming the pregnancy, and commenting on a few negative comments made by some persons after the news broke.

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